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Have your ever thought you didn’t fit in?
That you weren’t enough?

Perhaps you never feel like you are enough…

Have you ever wondered what you are going to do with your life?

Wondered what your special gifts are or what God intended for you to do in this lifetime?

Perhaps you know what your gifts are but you’re not sure how to use them to make a living.

Christina is a Master Life and Health Coach with over two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, where she fine-tuned her teaching and communication skills. Health, wellness, and purpose have been at the forefront of Christina’s life journey after struggling with her self-image and constantly questioning her life purpose. Imagine the frustration of identifying what you don’t like but not knowing what you actually want or what lights you up.  

Christina understands all of these struggles and knows the dangers that arise from weak personal boundaries. Her huge heart created a strong sense of service and desire to be helpful to others, often resulting in her putting other people’s needs before her own. After navigating a 10-year emotionally and mentally abusive relationship with a narcissistic addict, Christina learned how struggling with self-doubt and lack of purpose/direction can severely impact health and well-being.

Christina’s strong Christian faith helped her persevere through personal and financial struggles being a single parent of two boys suffering with challenges related to mental wellness. Her strong desire to help her sons achieve success through high school helped her to discover Health Coach Institute, where she began her transformational coaching journey as a master life and health coach.

Christina is passionate about helping others feel good in their own skin, unlock their deepest desires, and discover their life purpose so they can become the most amazing version of themselves. Find your passion, live your DREAM!

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Schedule a time to start creating a life you love so you can Be you and Be AMAZING!

Try it for free. Book a session.  

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